It's Christmas. Yes, I know. But loving crime stories I couldn't resist. Happy crime story ending.

Or beginning if it's a whodunnit.

Or a howdunnit?

Tell me.



I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. O, yes I do. I'm also dreaming of walks in the snow, sleighing and hot chocolate afterwards.
But the temperature is rising, the dreams are fading away while sitting in front of my computer - in the sunshine. But anyway.



The first sunday of advent. The day to decorate, to celebrate and to enjoy. The start of the Christmas season, the candle season and the secret season.
Secrets of the Christkind or whoever you believe will bring your gifts on Christmas Eve. Secret of a white Christmas, of friends. This time brings back the adventures of the childhood. To open each day one door or package of the advent calendar. Sweetening the long, long time of waiting.

Lovable time.



The lack of light, sunlight, is evident for this time of the year.

Making your home cuddly and cosy with candles, lamps, everything that light up your day is essential.



Some pots are just pots, but some plants I love deserve a more beautiful one. Means bringing together my graphics and my favorite plant.

A raining cloud under a plant that doesn't need much more water then a few in a month. This plant is a Crassula ovata, better known as commonly known as jade plant. Or money tree. Or just lucky plant.

At least should be by now.

It began with the graphic above - as done as described here. For the pattern I

transferred the cloud on a piece of paper and a raindrop on a cardboard and

glued it to a skewer to have uniform drops falling from the pot sky. I used the

paint I had at home and already painted to a small cupboard and a box. Then a

paint stick filled the drops and made the cloud line.

Even when it's rainy outside and I long for the sun badly the pot makes me happy.